Why plant churches in Sweden?

Simply put, we need to plant gospel churches in Sweden because it has the fastest declining evangelical church in the world! (-0.6% per year)

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From the 1800s up until the 1970’s Swedish Evangelical churches sent out more missionaries across the globe than any other country per capita!  In the last generation, however, the idols of materialism, secularism and individualism took hold of the culture and profoundly damaged the gospel heart of many churches.  As life became more comfortable for Christians they began to lose confidence in God’s Word and their passion for international and local mission. A new generation of potential missionaries were told to ‘settle down, get married, build a career, buy a house and maybe in the future you can become a missionary.’ 

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At the same time, Sweden’s government became increasingly secular and liberal, and it became harder to openly live for Christ.  In 2000 the church and state were officially separated, and Christian institutions that taught the gospel were either defunded by the government which forced to shut down or stay open by becoming openly liberal in their theology.

Within one generation this mix of comfort and extreme secularism has decimated the church!

In our travels across Sweden to meet church leaders, we heard over and over again that what the Swedish church needs most is to regain its confidence in God’s Word.

We believe this is best achieved by planting many Bible-driven, gospel-centered churches across Sweden. Churches where the Bible is taught clearly in Swedish and where individuals are taught to rightly handle the Word of Truth!

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