What a day for Mission Sweden!

CEC elders praying for us

On Sunday the 6th of October our home church (Chessington Evangelical Church) ran a special pledge Sunday for its church members. This was in place of their annual harvest offering. It was an emotional day, with much love from the church being manifest in future support through financial giving and prayer. Below are two videos taken from their livestream.

The first is our general report to the whole church done at the morning service. It covers why we feel Sweden is a harvest field for the gospel, and what our plans are for the next few years.

The second video is an interview done in the evening service. This goes into more detail about how we are feeling and what it will be like to move our whole lives into a Swedish context.

We are so grateful to our home church family. Leaving you to go to Sweden is hard. If Jesus wasn’t calling us to go, we would never want to leave. As we leave the UK there are many personal ‘costs’, but leaving such a loving and gospel centred family is by far the hardest thing to do.

Thank you for loving us so well.

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