The first three years

We plan to move to Gothenburg early in 2020.  In our first year, we will be focused on supporting Allékyrkan where Ben will serve under the Elders of the church.  We will seek to help each member grow in faith, confidence in the Bible and personal evangelism.  Ben will be supporting a new ministry called Equip Sweden, which has been set up to equip laypeople and pastors in their handling of the Bible.  As a family, we will model an open home and seek to read the Bible with as many Swedes as possible.  

While doing all this our family will be acclimatising to Swedish culture. Emelie will need to readjust to life in Sweden, Ben will need focus on language learning, and the children will be settling into new schools and making new friends.

In the second year, with the local guidance of the Elders at Allékyrkan, we will decide what community our church-plant will focus on.  We will then start to pull together a core team to become the founding members of the new church.  This team will be made up of members of Allékyrkan and Swedish and English friends from across our networks who feel called to join us on this adventure.

By the end of year three, we hope to be a new worshipping community. 

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